Bauhaus Women

A project to pay tribute to pioneering women artists of Bauhaus School of Design. Bauhausmädels aims to be a celebration of the groundbreaking school of art and design with a visual exploration of its most underrated members.

While the institution provided women with new opportunities in education, along the way, they were faced with unreasonable family expectations and outdated social conventions.


The Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany, promised exciting things for female students who were looking to break the mould.

The school was to be the model for equality and progress in education. The school’s founder, Walter Gropius, enrolled 84 women and 79 men when it opened in 1919, declaring there should be “no difference between the beautiful and the strong sex.”

Credit, finally, is being given to the women who helped make the Bauhaus what it was.”

Nina Caplan